Signs You May Need An Occlusal Adjustment

Published: 17th February 2011
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According to many dentists in Ft Lauderdale, an occlusal or bite adjustment is one of those treatments that patients often donít even know they needed. Itís a treatment that seeks to correct excessive or uneven pressure when biting down or chewing. If left unaddressed, it can cause severe dental problems. The difficulty in detecting it is caused by many people not knowing theyíre already exhibiting the symptoms of a disorder. Here are some signs that may indicate a bite problem.


Some teeth sensitivity issues may arise from excessive bite pressure. Your jaw is capable of exerting over two hundred pounds of force, and this type of abuse can irritate nerve endings inside teeth. This manifests itself by a painful reaction to hot and cold foods even if their exact temperature is well within tolerable levels.

Loose Teeth

The repeated contact of misaligned teeth with each other can, over time, shift and loosen them out of position. Front teeth are the usual victims of this scenario. Biting down might constantly feel off and wrong for people suffering from this condition. Gaps in between each of the incisors are a big indicator that somethingís amiss.


Pain during meal times means you should seek the services of dental Fort Lauderdale specialists immediately. It is usually caused by a tooth or two that have risen above the nominal level of the rest of your teeth. This causes it to prematurely impact the opposing jaw, making it suffer the brunt of all that biting pressure.


Any cosmetic dentist Ft Lauderdale has in residence will tell you that grinding and clenching your teeth are a very bad habit. People should strive to find ways to cease damaging their teeth this way, even if most of the time the movement is involuntary. It can cause misalignments and uneven force distribution. Even worse, it has the potential to negatively affect the structural integrity of the jaw bone itself.


Be wary of headaches. Many a cosmetic dentist Ft Lauderdale has to offer say that in their experience, a dysfunctional bite can cause migraine-like symptoms in the temporal region of the head. This is the area lateral to the eyes and above where the lower jaw connects to your skull.

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